Libertyville Property Listings Statistics

Single Family Homes 276
Condominiums 59
Two to Four Units 7
Multi Family 5+ Units 0
Commercial 48
Rental, Residental 44

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Are you looking for a home in Libertyville, Illinois? We’ve made a search tool that we think is really great. It’s easy to use, interactive, and the best part is that it searches all of the available listings in Libertyville. Whether you’re looking for houses, condos, rental properties or anything else, our site is the simplest way to find exactly what you’re looking for.

About Libertyville:
Known to its residents as “the Spirit of Liberty,” Libertyville is a northern Chicago suburb, liberated from the noisy, crowded and fast-paced environment of the city. Libertyville prides itself most on being an affordable community right next to the North Shore. Only 5 miles from Lake Michigan, Libertyville is a town with spectacular location and reasonably priced homes.

Despite the fact that it’s further north than most of Chicago’s other northern suburbs, Libertyville has no shortage of transportation to the city. It is home to 3 Metra train stations with 1 going from Antioch to Chicago and the other 2 running between Fox Lake and Chicago. With several different rail lines operating out of Libertyville, taking the train is often times better than driving as Libertyville is 40 miles outside the city of Chicago.

It may not have the glitz and glamour of some of Chicago’s more renowned suburbs, but Libertyville still has its share of famous residents. Governor Adlai Stevenson, Marlon Brando, King Peter II of Yugoslavia and WGN news anchor Mark Suppelsa have either lived or currently reside in the Libertyville area. If you choose Libertyville as the site of your next home, you’ll enjoy charming scenery, a community of down-to-earth people and the privacy of larger and more spacious property.

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Population 21,834 Distance to Chicago 34 miles
Median Home Price $399,119 Distance to O'Hare 26 miles
Median Income $104,247 Distance to Midway 48 miles
Schools High Schools 1
Middle Schools 1
Elementary Schools 5

The Latest Updates in Libertyville Real Estate!

Hold onto your hats because for the first time in years housing prices in Libertyville are shooting up. Unlike most of the other real estate markets in Chicagoland, the current median price of homes in Libertyville, $480,000, is back to where it was before the 2008 crash. Libertyville is a prime example of healthy market growth, and thus, it is the perfect community for investors to sink their teeth into.

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Libertyville Real Estate Listing + Rental Pricing Data

ACTIVE LISTINGS Min Price Max Price Avg Price Avg Market Time
Single Family $139,900 $2,750,000 $635,975 244 days
Condo $93,000 $499,900 $253,916 227 days
Rental $785 $6,000 $2,378 71 days
SOLD/RENTED LISTINGS Min Price Max Price Avg Price Avg Market Time
Single Family $90,000 $1,242,840 $475,375 195 days
Condo $80,000 $390,000 $220,388 222 days
Rental $675 $5,000 $1,830 69 days